Why Genomic ?

Dr Remedies stepping into the world of Next Generation Genomic Diagnostics & Therapeutics Know your Genome through our intelligent innovation platform

DRL strive to deliver confidence and reliability by offering patient-centric comprehensive genomic solutions for the management of personalized healthcare and precision medicine.

Why Genomic Test?

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Dr. Sridhar

Dr. Jayashankar Das

Translational Genomic Research


Translational Genomic Research

We offer turnkey solutions for clinical and translational genomic research providing end-to-end pipeline starting from planning of the project, platform & protocol development to the bioinformatics analysis for frontier areas of precision diagnostics as well as therapeutics including cohort specific genetic survey.

DRL invites proposal from across the global institutions / organizations / corporates / startups for accelerating the discovery of next generation precision genomic diagnostics and therapeutics by providing access to its state-of-art Genomics facilities in a coinnovation model.

We are committed to develop the capability for strategic partnership with academia & industry engagement in the areas of genomic medicine pertaining to solve global health issues.

We are committed to building core tools and technology to lead life sciences and Biotechnology industry through the deployment of an intelligent innovation platform. The facility also offers Next Generation Sequencing, DNA/RNA shearing, sample QC, qPCR services and provides assistance with experimental design, research, trouble shooting, and data analysis to the faculty centric researchers.

Genomic Diagnosis

Genomic Diagnosis

Our Range Of Genomic Diagnosis

We are specialized in all range of genomic diagnosis but not limited to

  • Genetic Disorder Genetic Disorder
  • Reproductive Health Reproductive Health
  • Oncology Oncology
  • Cardiac Disorder Cardiac Disorder
  • Metabolic Disorder Metabolic Disorder
  • Infectious Disease Infectious Disease
  • Rare Disease Rare Disease
Genomic Multi Test

Genomic Multi Test

DRL offers a unique portfolio of multigene panel assays for genomic solutions across a wide range of diseases. We offer the tools and expertise to effectively expand your molecular testing menu to provide you with fast, accurate and actionable results at lower testing costs. Our innovative multi-genomic testing solutions enable laboratories to adapt and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. As genome multi-modification advances and expands, all healthcare providers must be kept informed of the importance and complexity of genetic, metabolic, and lifestyle disorders to optimize patient care.

  • Metabolic Disorder Oncology
  • Respiratory Tract Infection Testing Respiratory Tract Infection Testing
  • Cardiology Cardiology
  • Reproductive Health Reproductive Health
  • Infectious disease Infectious disease
  • Metabolic Disorders Metabolic Disorders
Bio Pharma

Bio Pharma

Cutting-Edge Genomic Services

  • Whole GENOME Sequencing & Analysis Whole GENOME Sequencing & Analysis
  • Clinical Exome Sequencing & Analysis Clinical Exome Sequencing & Analysis
  • RNA Sequencing & Analysis RNA Sequencing & Analysis
  • Copy Number Variation (CNV) Copy Number Variation (CNV)
  • Metagenome Sequencing & Analysis Metagenome Sequencing & Analysis
  • Viral Surveillance Viral Surveillance
  • Public Health Management Public Health Management
  • Covid-19 GENOMIC Surveillance Covid-19 GENOMIC Surveillance
  • Epigenomics Epigenomics
  • Population Genomics Population Genomics


We Treat Patient as a Family

We Treat Patient as a Family

Improving patient care has become a priority for us with the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction. Development and sustenance of a patient-sensitive system is most critical to achieving this as our objective. DRL pays attention to quality in every aspect of patient care, both medical and non-medical.

What is Genetic Test?

What is Genetic Test?

Genetic testing is the use of a laboratory test to examine an individual’s DNA for variations, typically performed in the context of medical care, ancestry studies or forensics. Range of genetic tests include pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, carrier testing, predictive genetic testing, etc.

Quality of Healthcare

Quality of Healthcare

Quality of care is the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes. It is based on evidence-based professional knowledge and is critical for achieving universal health coverage.