Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases (ID’s), also known as transmissible or communicable diseases, are illnesses resulting from an infection. These diseases are caused by various biological agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other parasites which can be transmitted by animals, humans, insects, or other agents. Each year, millions of people across the globe are impacted by these infectious diseases. Infectious diseases pose a greater challenge today than they did even two decades ago due to the evolution and emergence of New bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other parasites. Coupled with emerging Antimicrobial Drug Resistance and accelerated spread due to population increase and migration ID’s are a major global concern.

Many infectious diseases have minor complications if diagnosed and treated appropriately in time. But left undetected and untreated, they can be life-threatening. Early diagnosis of ID’s can improve the effectiveness of treatments and avoid long-term complications for the infected patient. Early diagnosis can also help to prevent transmission or stop an outbreak of ID’s. Diagnostic tests can also aid in the identification and determination of effective and non-effective antibiotics for a particular infection thereby aiding in precision medication.

The department of Infectious diseases at Dr. Remedies Genomics has a fully functional advanced infectious lab that has world-class facilities for the detection and diagnosis of ID’s. With the expertise and knowledge of experienced doctors and scientists, DRL can support doctors in providing their patients with a precise diagnosis of ID’s and aid in the treatment of patients. We at RG, with our expert and experienced team of Doctors, Clinical Geneticists, and Bioinformaticians would be happy to be a part of your journey toward bringing change in the detection and treatment of infectious diseases.

Test List

Test Code Test Name TAT Sample Type
DRGID1 SeptiDetect Panel - Comprehensive 2 Body Fluid
DRGID2 SeptiDetect Panel - Core 2 Body Fluid
DRGID3 Respiratory Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID4 Fever Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID5 Transplant Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID6 Post Transplant Viral Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID7 Infective Endocarditis Panel - Comprehensive 2 Body Fluid
DRGID8 Infective Endocarditis Panel - Core 2 Body Fluid
DRGID9 Pneumonia Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID10 CNS Panel - Bacteria / Fungi 2 Body Fluid
DRGID12 CNS Panel - Viral 2 Body Fluid
DRGID13 Viral Retinitis Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID14 STD Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID15 UTI Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID16 Tuberculosis Panel - Comprehensive 2 Body Fluid
DRGID17 Tuberculosis ID Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID18 Myocarditis Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID19 Osteomyelitis Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID20 Infectious Panel - Metagenomic 2 Body Fluid
DRGID21 AMR marker Panels 2 Body Fluid
DRGID22 GI Panel 2 Body Fluid
DRGID23 Reproductive infectious Panel 2 Body Fluid