Cancer is a disease caused by changes or alterations to a person’s genome. Some genetic changes or alterations can be inherited (also known as germline mutations). About 5-10% of all cancer diagnoses result from germline mutations. Other cancer-causing (oncogenic) genetic changes or alterations result from acquired genetic damage (also known as somatic mutations). Somatic mutations can arise in numerous scenarios, including lifestyle changes or exposure to chemicals that alter DNA (carcinogens).

Genetic testing for hereditary and somatic cancers can provide life-changing results in affected patients and their relatives, accompanied by potential actionable steps for genetic-related cancers. The department of Oncology at Dr. Remedies Genomics (DRL Genomics) has extensively identified and curated genetic variants associated with cancers.

With its immense knowledge and expertise, DRL Genomics can provide a comprehensive range to foster cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection, and monitoring.

We at DRL Genomics, with our expert and experienced team of Doctors, Clinical Geneticists, Bioinformaticians, and Genetic Counselors would be happy to be a part of your journey toward bringing change in the detection and treatment of cancers.

Test List

Test Code Test Name TAT Sample Type
DRGOGx1 Breast Cancer 1 7 Blood/saliva
DRGOGx2 Breast Cancer 2 15 Blood/saliva
DRGOGx3 Cancer Panel 1 15 Blood/saliva
DRGOGx4 Cancer Panel Comprehensive 15 Blood/saliva
DRGOGx5 Cancer Panel Pediatric 15 Blood/saliva
DRGOGx6 Cancer Panel Hematology 15 Blood/saliva
DRGOGx7 Cancer Panel Colon 15 Blood/saliva/Biopsy
DRGOGx8 Cancer Panel Pancreatic 15 Blood/saliva/Biopsy
DRGOGx9 Cancer Panel - Solid Tumors 15 Blood/saliva/Biopsy
DRGOGx10 Cancer Panel Myeloid Tumors 15 Blood/saliva/Biopsy
DRGOGx11 Cancer Panel Lung 15 Blood/saliva/Biopsy
DRGOGx12 Cancer Panel Head and Neck 15 Blood/saliva/Biopsy
DRGOGx13 Cancer Panel PGx 10 Blood/saliva