Reproductive Genetics

All parents hope their children will be healthy, and most babies born to patients of all ages are normal and healthy. Unfortunately, some pregnancies are at risk for birth defects or genetic conditions. There is a slight chance for these problems in any pregnancy, but the risks may be more significant in certain situations. Even prior to pregnancy, your OB/GYN care provider may assess your risk by asking you about your previous health and pregnancy history, and the health and reproductive history of others in your family. Prior to and during your pregnancy, your provider will offer you a number of screening tests to determine if you may be at increased risk for birth defects or inherited conditions in your children.

The department of Reproductive Genetics at the Dr.Remedies Genomics offers advanced genetic testing at pre-conception as well as post-conception stages. We at RG, with our expert and experienced team of Doctors, Clinical Geneticists, Bioinformaticians, and Genetic Counselors would be happy to be a part of your journey towards bringing in this world a new life.

Test List

Test Code Test Name TAT Sample Type
DRRGx1 Second Trimester Test (STS)- 3 Blood Serum
DRRGx2 First Trimester Test (FTS)- 3 Blood Serum
DRRGx3 Quadruple Test - 3 Blood Serum
DRRGx4 Pre Eclampsia Risk Assessment 3 Blood Serum
DRRGx5 PP test - FT + PE 3 Blood Serum
DRRGx6 Karyotyping 15 Venous Blood/Anio Fluid/ POC
DRRGx7 Couple Karyotyping 7 Venous Blood
DRRGx8 Chromosomal Microarray 10 Blood
DRRGx9 FISH for Aneuploidy Screen (13,18,21, X, Y Probes) 7 Amniotic Fluid/ Fetal Blood
DRRGx10 FISH for Aneuploidy Screen(13, 18, 21 PROBES) 7 Amniotic Fluid
DRRGx11 FISH Single Probe (13/18/21) 7 Amniotic Fluid
DRRGx12 NIPT 7 Blood - Maternal
DRRGx13 PGS 4 D3/5 cells
DRRGx14 PGD 4 D3/5 cells
DRRGx15 Carrier Screening - NGS 15 Blood/saliva
DRRGx16 Carrier Screening - Custom 10 Blood/saliva
DRRGx17 IVF Response panel 8 Blood/saliva
DRRGx18 Recurrent miscarriage and Preeclampsia panel 8 Blood/saliva
DRRGx19 Recurrent Pregnancy loss panel 5 Blood/saliva
DRRGx20 Male Infertility panel 8 Blood/saliva
DRRGx21 Female Infertility panel 8 Blood/saliva
DRRGx22 Male/Female infertility panel 5 Blood/saliva
DRRGx23 Extended Infertility panel (M/F) 15 Blood/saliva
DRRGx24 Rapid Aneploidy screening 5 Blood
DRRGx25 Clinical Exome 15 Blood/saliva
DRRGx26 Whole Exome 15 Blood/saliva
DRRGx27 Single Gene Disorder 7 Blood/saliva