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Camps & Projects Accomplished

Ensuring the health of your employees and the public must be one of the primary goals to keep the workspace and society healthy. At Dr. Remedies Labs, we take extreme care to conduct such camps when collaborating with Government and corporates. We have successfully conducted several camps and covered lakhs of people in these. Find our upcoming health camps and completed camps here.

Upcoming Camps

You will find any upcoming health camps and projects here.

Completed Health Camps

Tribal Welfare Department - Government of Telangana

Dr. Remedies Labs has successfully screened 1,00,000 students who live in the Tribal Welfare Hostels across Telangana.
The package included Pathological Tests and vision screening.

Police Department - Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Remedies Labs has conducted screening tests for more than 54,000 employees across the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Aurobindo Pharma Limited - Hyderabad

Dr. Remedies Labs has conducted an 'on-site' screening of 3,600 employees of various departments of Aurobindo Pharma, which included Pathological tests clubbed with ECG, Vision Screening, and Chest X-Ray.

Intelligence Department - Telangana

Dr. Remedies Labs successfully conducted the 'on-site' Annual Health Check-ups for employees of the Intelligence Department across various districts in Telangana. The project involved a vision screening of around 50,000 people and was provided with eyeglasses of Single Focal and Bifocal as per the Ophthalmologist's suggestions.

Conducting Cataract Surgeries

As a next phase to the vision screening camp, we identified around 275 people (175 male and 100 female) who needed Cataract surgery.

Upon confirmation after the screening, these Cataract surgeries were conducted successfully.

Malnutrition Assessment

Malnutrition Assessments were conducted for a household strength of 5,700 in 4 selected villages of Kalburgi District of Karnataka. The Malnutrition Assessment was conducted for the age group from 6 months to 5 years and ascertained 450 kids were severely malnourished.
The Nutritionist designed a detailed Nutritional Roaster, and the 'Supplementation program' was scheduled for 12 months, wherein periodic reviews were conducted by a Paediatrician once in 30 days.

Government Collaboration

Dr. Remedies Labs collaborated with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to conduct Covid-19 screenings in 3 cities of Andhra Pradesh - Vijayawada, the Capital city of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam, and Kurnool. We ensured the end-to-end operations and maintenance of Covid-19 labs across all these 3 locations. We covered over 450 samples per day across the 3 locations in the first two months of initiation, scaling in up to 600 samples per day from the 3rd month.

BHEL Hospital - Hyderabad

Dr. Remedies Labs collaborated with BHEL Hospital in Hyderabad to conduct Covid-19 screening tests for all the employees for one year. We've conducted SARS-CoV 2 tests for more than 4,00,000 patients till now.


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