Pre Employment Health Check

For any business to succeed, creating a healthy workforce is very important. Thus, hiring healthy individuals becomes the first step. Dr. Remedies Labs performs pre-employment health checks on the individuals.

Test Type: Blood and urine tests

With every industry being unique and having different requirements from their employees, we have customized the packages to suit various needs. Here are a few examples:

Airline Industry: Chest X-Ray, Audiometry or hearing test, vision tests, and basic pathology tests

Food Industry: Typhoid, Jaundice, gastroenteritis, and tests for skin ailments

Driving Automobiles: Vision tests, hypertension, diabetes, and basic pathology tests

Basic Pre Employment Health Checks Package

Price: 1100/-

Complete Blood Count (CBC), Complete Urine Analysis (CUE), Random Glucose test, Blood Grouping (A, B, O), and Rh factor test

Pre-test Info None

Report Delivery: Same day


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