Importance of Pre Employment Health Checkups

A healthy workplace and workforce are the driving force of a successful business. Any business would run successfully only if the employees are healthy physically and psychologically. Thus, it makes it essential to keep checking on these factors from time to time. But, is it possible to check before you hire? That is what is called a pre-employment medical health checkup.

In this COVID pandemic, these tests have become essential now to prevent the spreading of this deadly and contagious disease in the company. Thus, it increases the importance of pre-employment checkups.

What Is A Pre Employment Health Checkup?

When you hire someone for a certain role and find out s/he is unhealthy and may be unfit for that role, what would you do? It won’t be right to terminate them immediately. It has a bad impact on both the employer and employee. However, the employee may be a suitable person for another role despite the health condition. Thus, you may end up transferring the person to another role.

Nevertheless, this makes everything complicated and unnecessary tasks. Thus, the importance of pre-employment medical checkups for employees must be understood. A pre-employment medical test can solve all such problems.

A pre-employment medical checkup is an essential step to acquaint employers with good additions. It measures to check the comprehensive health condition of every individual. Employers may have to intervene for the betterment of the business.

Pre-employment health checkups are beneficial to both employers and employees. These are done during the hiring process, once the candidate is selected for a role.

Benefits of Pre Employment Health Checkup

The workplace is supposed to stay healthy and always motivating to draw maximum efficacy out of each employee. But, if there are sick employees, it can not only demotivate others but also spread the disease to others. The medical expenses of the employees also may impact the financial reservoir over time. With lowered efficacy and medical costs, this only draws the company to losses over time. There are various health benefits to opting for pre-employment medical health checkups.

1. Managed Health Records

With pre-employment checkups, you can easily manage the health records of all your employees. If there were no previous screening tests done in the past, you could opt for them now to find out the reason behind low efficacy in your workspace.

2. Maintains Workplace Safety

Sometimes employees are unaware of their existing disease and may unknowingly spread it in the organization. Such things can be prevented with a pre-employment medical health checkup.

3. Reduced Medical Reimbursement Costs to the Employer Over Time

Providing medical reimbursements is quite common in many companies and organizations. Having ill employees increases the costs of medical reimbursements. With these tests before hiring, an employer can cut down these costs, which can become huge savings over time.

4. Ensures Productivity & Engagement

Conducting these medical and physical checkups ensures fresh additions to the company, and they are free from any diseases and complications. This way, you are preventing negative impacts on your workplace and productivity.

What does Pre Employment Health Checks Cover?

The pre-employment checks usually include basic tests and vary based on the role in the company. Various departments and various industries demand various tests to be conducted. An employee’s tasks decide which kind of test needs to be done so that s/he is fit enough to perform the duties. Here are a few examples.

A complete physical examination includes checking hearing and vision abilities, height, weight, blood pressure, etc.

  • Complete blood count
  • Blood glucose levels
  • Blood groups
  • ECG
  • X-Ray
  • Liver examination
  • Kidney examination

An airline industry demands employees to be of a certain height, weight, BMI, and physically fit. Tests are conducted to check these. Similarly, other industries demand various factors to be checked.

What Is The Best Diagnostic Center for Pre-Employment Medical Health Checkups?

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