Monsoon Diseases

After sultry summer months, monsoon comes as a relief. However, with rain, you have to deal with unwanted monsoon disease. It will make your life a living hell. From malaria to Cholera, dengue to even chikungunya, there are loads of conditions, and some even prove fatal. 

Each year, different mosquito types are born. They can cause an outbreak of disease. We are ready to discuss some home remedies available to prevent diseases during the rainy season to keep the surroundings free from mosquitoes. 

We will inform you how to protect against deadly mosquito bites inside and outside your home. To keep monsoon illness at bay, we will notify you of ten common monsoon diseases and how to prevent them big time. Get yourself tested at Remedies Labs if you face any symptoms, as mentioned below. 

Here are 10 Common Monsoon Diseases:

1. Malaria:

Anopheles is the leading cause behind the spread of malaria. This parasite starts to breed during monsoon season. Malaria takes place due to water logging. It is because most mosquitoes breed in streams and waterways. Malaria is a noted monsoon disease and will cause severe fever, running as high as 105 degrees C and can linger for multiple days. Some of the significant symptoms are body chills, discomfort and high fever.

We believe the easy way to keep malaria mosquitoes at bay is by avoiding water storage. Avoid storing water in any place and prevent malaria mosquitoes from breeding.

2. Dengue:

Among all the diseases during the rainy season, we have seen patients with dengue fever. Brought to you by tiger mosquitoes, dengue symptoms are high fever, hypersensitivity, muscle and joint pain, and lower platelet count. 

We suggest you use insect repellents to keep the mosquito out of your house or workplace. While going to sleep, always use a mosquito net. In case a dengue outbreak takes place, stay inside your home.

3. Chikungunya:

Chikungunya fever is mainly spread by mosquitoes that hatch in stagnant water, as available in refrigerators, AC, utensils, and plant pots. The mosquito that carries this monsoon illness is Aedes Albopictus, which can bite you anywhere during the day and night. Joint discomfort and fever are two symptoms our lab experts have identified. 

To prevent such mosquito bites, avoid stagnant water. Get yourself tested right now through us at Remedies Labs.

4. Typhoid:

Known as a water-borne disease, Salmonella typhi bacteria causes typhoid. It spreads out because of improper sanitation and by eating spoiled food or drinking polluted water. Typhoid fever is contagious during monsoon season, and it is a pretty monsoon disease all across the globe. 

Some of the most common causes are contaminated food and water. So, prevent taking in such contaminated food items if you want to keep the illness at bay. Some of the symptoms mentioned here are constipation, abdominal pain, higher fever for a long time, headache, sore throat, joint pain and vomiting.

5. Cholera:

Another common disease during the rainy season is Cholera. If you ever consume contaminated food and water, chances are high that you will be struck with Cholera, especially during monsoon season. Even poor hygiene and sanitation will cause this disease. 

We suggest the victims opt for immediate treatment as Cholera can cause death within hours. To prevent such an issue, you can use Odomos mosquito repellent spray or repellent cream to keep the mosquitoes away.

Some symptoms are thirst, lower blood pressure, muscle cramps and rapid heart rate.

6. Viral Fever:

Even though a pretty common disease throughout the year, it is highly prevalent during monsoon season. Some symptoms you see here are fatigue, fever, dizziness, body chills, weakness and joint and muscle pain

It is hard to avoid viral fever, but you can try to keep yourself away from rainwater. Avoid getting drenched when it is raining. Even if you do get drenched, pat yourself dry immediately. If you are facing any symptoms, call us for the lab tests.

7. Diarrhoea:

Another one of the most common illnesses during the monsoon season is Diarrhoea. It can range from temporary conditions to even some life-threatening ones if not taken care of on time. Consuming unclean food and water is some of the reasons behind Diarrhoea.

Some common symptoms are loose, watery stools, fever, bloating, abdominal cramps and nausea. Avoid consuming unsanitary food items if you want to keep this monsoon illness away from you.

8. Influenza:

Whenever there is a change in weather and temperature fluctuations, Influenza takes place. It is mandatory to keep yourself protected as it can turn into a viral infection pretty fast. Influenza is easily transferrable from one person to another. So, covering yourself properly with clothes and preventing rainwater from drenching you are some ways to keep yourself free from Influenza.

We have listed some significant symptoms: fever, sweating, aching muscles, nasal congestion, sore throat and dry, persistent cough. Please consult us at Remedies Labs for a proper examination right away!

9. Leptospirosis:

It is one primary bacterial infection transmitted to humans from animals. If you have open cuts or bruises, it is always better to cover them up while stepping out of your room or house to avoid getting this disease. During hardcore monsoon time, this bacterial infection might occur if your skin is prone to water-logging.  Some common symptoms are high fever, muscle aches, headaches, red eyes, rashes and abdominal pain, followed by Diarrhoea.

10. Stomach infections:

Whenever you consume unhygienic food items and liquids, chances are high that you will suffer from stomach infections. Gastroenteritis is one of the most common stomach infections during monsoon season. 

Drinking boiled water during this time and only opting for a home-cooked meal are some solutions to keep yourself away from stomach infections. Some significant symptoms of stomach infections are lower-grade fever, nausea, vomiting, and more. 

Make sure to get yourself examined ASAP with us to help start with the medications right away!

Remedies Labs is your one-stop solution where you can get all kinds of tests done to know if you are infected by any one of the monsoon diseases. Depending on the test results, you can start your treatment journey ASAP. If you face any symptoms mentioned above, feel free to contact Remedies Labs for tests. Call us at +91-7799 721 212 to learn more about the tests.


What diseases are caused by monsoon?

You can be a victim of some deadly diseases during monsoon season. Some of those are Dengue, malaria, Typhoid and Chikungunya. Some of the common symptoms are weakness, fever and body ache.

Why do we always fall sick in monsoon?

The risk of infection is pretty high during monsoon season. It is always higher than any other reason because of high moisture in air. The situation makes it ideal for viruses and bacteria to thrive.

What is monsoon fever?

Viral fever is also known as monsoon fever. It is a major symptom of viral infection. It will cause the victim to feel fatigued, achy and irritable most of the time. Some of the other symptoms are coughing, nausea and runny nose.