what is genetic test

A lot has changed in the last couple of years when it comes to DNA testing. Some of you might not even know what is genetic test. Well, it is one way to now test for over 100 diseases before pregnancy or you get to predict cancer before even it starts to develop in your body. 

Right now, researchers are using the power of DNA testing to target medication responses better for various conditions. With so many types of genetic testing available, you might sometime wonder if going for this test is suitable for you or not. There are some important facts for you to consider as you start navigating through the world of genetic or DNA testing.

1. Get to learn more about your family history

A thorough grasp of the family history will always offer you some clues regarding the kind of testing that can benefit you the most. The proper genetic analysis test helps in encouraging the family health history among men and women. It helps to determine if the health issues like any form of cancer even run in your family.

  • In case they do, then generic counseling and testing will offer a better understanding of the risks that you might be facing and what to do about them.
  • When you are gathering clues, be sure to see if there are heart diseases, cancer patterns, or other illnesses available to run through generations.

Recognizing the inherited disease pattern can help the whole family. After you learn what is genetic test, you will realize the importance of looking into history on both sides of your family.

2. Pretty affordable and also covered by medical insurance plans

Just a few years back, getting one of any types of genetic testing can cost you a lot of money. But, thanks to advances taking place in DNA technologies, now you can get the test done at reduced rates. Laboratories are now offering DNA tests for the larger panels of genetic diseases. 

Furthermore, there are different insurance plans that will understand the major values of genetic testing and helps to prevent the onset of disease. These plans will offer the ultimate coverage for all the qualifying individuals.

3. Genetic counselors to help navigate the results

Well, genetic counselors are mainly experts who are the main decision-makers around genetic analysis test. They understand that every person has their set of life goals, values, and experiences.

  • The current decision to go for genetic screening will involve multiple factors.
  • It is quite helpful to have a direct chat about the pros and cons of such tests with a genetic counselor.
  • The main goal of this discussion is to determine whether a screening test is a right option for you to consider.
  • Some of the questions that might arise over here will include the reasons why you want the information, ways you are planning to take it to family members regarding implications, what you are planning to do with the results, and so on.
  • In case you fail to visit a genetic counselor face to face, some labs will offer free telephone access to some of the board-certified professionals.

With proper counseling, you will feel it easier to understand the DNA results and that helps you to make some informed health choices as well.

4. Carriers of the genetic diseases are mostly healthy

You can always target those carriers as healthy individuals, who carry genetic diseases. Based on the kind of disease involved, a carrier can be healthy himself but unfortunately pass the disease to future generations, such as spinal muscular atrophy and cystic fibrosis. Once you have your answers resolved on what is genetic test, you will come to know its importance.

  • In the case of some cancer types like hereditary colon cancer, the carrier seems to be prone to develop cancer during the early stages of life and then pass on propensity. 
  • Some of you might be a carrier of various rare diseases and you are not even aware of it unless you get tested. So, understand the types of genetic testing first and then go for the right one.
  • If you have recessive diseases, then you might skip some generations. So, you are not sure if you are infected or not.
  • For any kind of recessive disease to deal with, it is vital for both parents to carry the same rare gene. 

At some point, people would choose to not go for carrier screening as they don’t have a concerning history behind the family. But, you must know that around 80% of children, if not more, who are born with genetic diseases are both to those parents without any history of that disease in the family.

5. Using results to plan right ahead

There are different times in life when a genetic analysis test will help you to plan ahead and that helps in saving your life, especially if you have cancer running in your family. During pregnancy screening, a carrier screen will be performed on blood samples or saliva for both you and also your partner. That provides some useful ideas before conceiving.

  • Over 100 rare yet significant genetic diseases will be added within the carrier screening like Hurler syndrome, Spinal muscular atrophy, cystic fibrosis, and even Wilson’s disease.
  • Some such diseases on the carrier screening panel can get improved through some early interventions. It is because nutritional changes at birth can provide some value-added results later in life.

So, it is not hard to state that understanding the risks through genetic testing, ahead of time, will give you ample time to prepare for the safety gear. You can start medications early or make changes in your diet plan to keep the disease at bay.

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