Third Booster Dose

It has been found that several countries are experiencing a reappearance of Covid-19 driven mainly by the delta variant of SARS-COV-2. Thus, these countries are in view of the administration of a third booster dose of Covid-19 for addressing the potential fading immunity with time & reduced efficacy against delta variant.

A Covid booster dose is an added dose of vaccine given to all individuals after the protection given by the original shot starts declining with time. The third vaccine dose indeed helps people in sustaining strong protection from stark coronavirus disease.

There is a question that looms large on the minds of the people about the safety of the Covid 19 third dose.  It is effective in giving protection to people of all age groups that are 5 years and above and severity can be prevented even if a person gets infected with the coronavirus. The number of hospitalization cases has also gone down with the third booster dose shot.

Side effects of a covid booster dose

When you get vaccinated with the third vaccine dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, you will experience similar symptoms to the ones that you experienced after getting a flu vaccine. Symptoms that are common very common include:

  • swollen arm
  • sore throat
  • mild fever
  • headache
  • body ache
  • fatigue for a day or two
  • Swollen lymph and chills can also occur.

The above symptoms do not mean that you are sick. It is an indication that your immune system is responding to the vaccine & is building up a guard against Covid-19.

A same brand booster dose is not necessary

There is a big confusion in the mind of the people taking the third dose whether they need to take the booster dose of the same brand as the original dose. Recently, the chief authority has approved a mix and match of brands.

Suppose you have taken the original dose of one brand, when it comes to the booster dose, you can take another brand dose. It will not cause any harm and the immunity will be increased to a great extent.

The safety concern

When it comes to taking the third vaccine dose, stay assured that it will not have any health issues and is safe to take. It is best to take the booster dose and give a boost to the immunity level that is on the verge of waning after taking the original shots.

When an individual completes the vaccination series, protection against the virus starts decreasing with time. Thus, the booster dose is administered to give a boost to immunity. People with comorbidity are highly recommended to take the booster dose. Not only comorbid people but people of all ages above 5 years are recommended to take the booster dose after the original dose.

Is a booster dose recommended for all?

A third vaccine dose for Covid-19 is recommended for people vaccinated already and has a weak immune system. According to the research that receiving a booster dose decrease the infection risk & severe illness from Covid-19. People with moderate and severe debilitated immune systems are highly recommended to get a third booster dose shot of Covid-19.

A single booster shot is recommended for people above 5 years after they have taken the initial two doses of covid-19. The booster dose not only boosts the immune system but is a responsible act of the people to protect the family as well as the people surrounding them. Pregnant women can also take the booster dose and no side effects have been found so far.

 Booster reduces susceptibility to Covid-19 variants

Omicron is another variant that is detected globally and to fight this variant, a third booster dose shot has been found to be immensely effective. The emergence of the omicron is a reminder to people globally that people must be careful enough and must practice all covid-19 protocols and should not neglect to take the booster dose.

The only way people can fight the pandemic is by wearing a mask and by taking the booster dose. There is no dearth of vaccine availability across the globe. Thus, people should take the vaccine at the earliest if they have crossed the time period after taking the initial doses.

The third booster dose shot is recommended take after 8months after taking the second dose of Covid-19. It is necessary if any individual wants to achieve protective immunity. People who have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine are recommended to go for the booster dose. Thus, the unvaccinated population is at high risk of catching the infection as new variants emerge due to mutation.

Gives peace of mind

The most asked question among people across the globe is how safe is the third dose.  The booster shot has been found to be absolutely safe and effective. In a recent study by a reputed vaccine manufacturer of Covid-19, it has been published that nearly 10,000 participants took part in a booster trial where half were given a booster and half were given a placebo. 

As far as safety is concerned, the researchers did not find any adverse effects. It means the result was consistent & with what was found in previous studies. Thus, it can be said that it is completely safe.

For people concerned with pericarditis or myocarditis, inflammation of the outer lining of the heart, nothing was observed. In fact, it was found that the group received the placebo had a more serious effect than the booster group.

How effective is the booster shot?

The booster shot is not only safe & effective for the immunocompromised but for the population at large. It has shown immensely effective in boosting the immunity of an individual to covid-19.

If a person had covid-19 & is completely vaccinated, then also the person needs to take the booster dose. The booster dose is found to be protective for that population and also is not at all harmful. The blend of prior Covid-19 infection & receiving the vaccine looks extremely powerful against reinfection with the virus SARS-CoV2.

Schedule the booster

As already mentioned an individual can take the booster dose right after 8 months from the second covid dose. Booster is an added protection for people of all age groups above 5 years. Thus, schedule your booster vaccination in the nearest centre from where you received the initial two doses.

 When it comes to taking the booster dose, you must not panic about the dose. The same dose as the first and second dose is given to people across the globe. There is no change in dose.

A booster dose gives increased protection to an individual. It has been found that all the vaccines that are given for Covid-19 across the globe are completely safe and the efficacy rate is 95%. This dose is required by all and sundry for getting maximum protection.

Risk of getting covid after the booster dose

For an individual who got infected with covid 19, there is 99% less chance of reinfection after receiving the booster dose. Here are the facts let’s take a look:

  • After taking the 1st  dose, 10% of people got infected
  • After receiving the 2nd dose, 4% of individuals caught the infection
  • After taking the 3rd dose, 1.5% of people develop the infection.

If you want to know more about the safety of the booster dose of Covid-19, then feel free to click on the website.