Vitamin D Deficiency Test

One of the common deficiencies that most people are suffering from is Vitamin D deficiency. Doctors are recommending a vitamin d deficiency test to find out where you currently stand. This form of deficiency will cause issues with your muscle and bones. It affects people over the age of 65 mostly and those with darker skin tones. But, with proper advice and a doctor’s help, this deficiency is easily treatable.

More on vitamin D deficiency:

As the name suggests, vitamin D deficiency actually means your body is not having the right level of vitamin D it deserves. Most of you might want to know what is vitamin d test. Well, this test helps you to know the level of vitamin D your body has and if it is running towards a deficiency level. With a lesser vitamin D count, your bones will start to feel weak, along with your muscles.

Vitamin D is one prime vitamin that the body uses for normal bone development and proper maintenance. It even plays a major role in the immune system, musculoskeletal system, and nervous system. There are different ways in which your body can get the right amount of vitamin d levels in blood as it needs. 

  • The first and foremost option is through UV rays. But, people who are older and those with darker skin might not get the right amount of Vitamin D through sunlight. Furthermore, your geographical location will also determine the amount of sunlight your body can get.
  • The next stop is the foods that you eat, through which you will receive the much-needed Vitamin D. 
  • There are some nutritional supplements recommended by doctors once you have done through proper vitamin d deficiency test, only if your body needs it. 

The importance that comes with Vitamin D:

Your body seriously needs an appropriate amount of Vitamin D to stay fit and healthy. It plays a major role to maintain a proper balance of calcium within your bloodstream and bones and also to maintain it. 

  • Specifically, you need proper Vitamin D so that your body can use phosphorus and calcium to build strong bones and also support healthy tissues.
  • Understand what is vitamin d test before you plan to get one. It will let you know if you are suffering from chronic Vitamin D deficiency.
  • With a chronic deficiency level, there will be a decrease in phosphorus and calcium absorption within your intestines. It can lead to hypocalcemia.
  • Vitamin D deficiency can also cause hyperparathyroidism, where the overactive parathyroid gland will try to keep blood calcium levels normal.
  • Both these issues can get severe if your Vitamin D deficiency is not treated on time and can cause some serious symptoms like fatigue, depression, muscle weakness, and cramps.
  • For balancing the calcium levels within your blood, your body will take calcium from bones. It can eventually lead to accelerating bone demineralization. If not treated on time, this situation will result in osteomalacia in adults. Children can suffer from rickets. 
  • Osteoporosis and rickets can increase the chances of bone fractures. As a child’s bone is still at its growing stage, demineralization will cause bent or bowed bones.

If you want to prevent these issues from hampering your life, then managing proper vitamin d levels in blood is the main clue to consider over here. 

Who will get highly affected by Vitamin D deficiency?

Anyone can be a victim of vitamin D deficiency. So, doctors are always recommending patients move on with a vitamin d deficiency test now. Not just adults, but children and even infants might suffer from the high-end deficiency level right now. 

This form of deficiency is highly common among people with higher skin melanin content or darker skin. It is also common among those people who tend to wear clothes with high-end skin coverage. 

Right now, vitamin D deficiency has become a common global phenomenon. Around 1 billion people, worldwide, are suffering from this issue. Around 50% of the world’s population has insufficient vitamin D consumed by their bodies. In the USA, around 35% of adults are victims of vitamin D deficiency nowadays. So, getting proper treatment has become a necessity these days.

The signs and symptoms:

It is true that you have your answer on what is vitamin d test. It shows if you are one of those people suffering from vitamin D deficiency or not. But, even if you don’t take the test before, there are some signs that will help you to know if you might be one such victim. Let’s learn about those symptoms now.

  • Children can suffer from rickets due to vitamin D deficiency. Some of those symptoms among kids are muscle weakness, incorrect growth patterns, pain in the bone, and joint deformities.
  • Children who are suffering from mild deficiency levels might feel weak and sore muscles or painful muscle tissues.
  • Adults will feel fatigued and have bone pain as well if they have lower vitamin d levels in blood
  • Other than muscle cramps and weakness, some other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency will be mood changes like depression. 

However, it is not always common to have symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Some people may not face any of the issues mentioned above, but still, end up being a victim of deficiency. That’s why the vitamin D test is vital for all.

More about the vitamin D deficiency test:

Generally speaking, there are different types of vitamin D deficiency tests available. It is widely used for screening lower levels of vitamin D in your blood. So, you can get the treatment going ASAP with supplements before the deficiency level can cause some serious health problems. If you are known to have a bone disorder or issues absorbing calcium, then a vitamin D test is done to see if you lack the appropriate amount of it in your body.

Test from Remedies Labs:

Our team from Remedies Labs will provide 25-hydroxy vitamin D test. It is targeted to be the most accurate way to help measure the amount of vitamin D available in your body. As it has already been mentioned, vitamin D helps controlling phosphate and calcium levels in your body.

For this test, we will draw blood from the vein usually from the inside of the elbow of back of your hand. Then within a stipulated time frame, you will get the report delivered both digitally and in hard copy. Remedies Labs is always there with accurate reports for better treatment plans.